About the project

one line poetry is an ongoing conceptual design-think-piece created for the purpose of combining design, art and code in interesting and experimental ways.

I’ve always wanted to create a space to utilise both code and art like paint on canvas, and creating visual art using a combination of technical and artistic mediums seemed fitting to me considering how I got here in the first place.

I’ve been tinkering with art and code since I was a teenager. The thing that most inspired me to code in the first place was WordPress. More specifically their iconic phrase “code is poetry”. I have always been a very creative person - drawing, writing, etc. however I owe WP a great deal for not only being a huge inspiration, but for making me realise just how immensely creative, poetic, and clever code can be too. I hope this project can be a place where code and art mutually coexist in harmony- and also where I can experiment and learn how to do and create things better too.

About the person

This project is by Jaclyn Tan, a designer and front end dev from Perth Australia. It’s been a dream of mine to combine both code and art into a freeform format, and as a primarily visual artist and designer, I’m not placing any limits, schedules, standards, or other on this project- only that I hope it evokes feelings from myself and you, the viewer.

When I’m not pulling all-nighters coding or drawing, I also enjoy cooking, playing RPGs/sims(Cities Skylines, Starbound, Skyrim, Sims3 rn), reading high fantasy and trashy thriller noirs, and crafting tangible, papery things.


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